Alexandra Watson


Specialty: Barre
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“This is you making a choice to change your way of being.”

Small Group Session(s): Barre

Experience / Background: Personal Training: 1.5 years

“I have had a wonderful introduction to personal training through my own trainer. He showed me the ropes when I expressed interest in leaving my office job, which has led me to where I am now. I enjoy all of my clients and have had fun since beginning this chapter of health and wellness!”

Certifications / Achievements

  • Hatha Yoga Teacher certified
  • BFA for Jazz Dance Performance


  • Body movement and control
  • Weight lifting
  • Yoga
  • Dance

Interests / Hobbies

  • Yoga
  • Dance
  • Reading books
  • Spending time with family
  • Exploring the city
  • Hiking

Alexandra’s Personal Maxim

“I enjoy what I do. I love learning about my clients so that I can find the best way to help and motivate them to reach whatever goal it is they have set for themselves and to have a damn good time doing it.”