TRX Suspension Training

5 Unique Workauts to Improve your Deadlift
Duration 45 minutes
Calories 360-530
Level Medium

Emphasis: Strength

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  • Group Size: 6-8
  • Trainer Name: Greg Coachman
  • Overview: TRX suspension training is a form of resistance training that relies on a system of roping and webbing that allows users to, essentially, work against their own weight.
  • How it Works: Utilizing a suspension system, classes create a full body workout by targeting different body parts one at a time then rounding out the session with heavy cardio.
  • Benefits:
    • increase coordination, flexibility, and balance
    • build strength and overall muscle toning
    • develop joint stability
    • can be modified for a variety of fitness levels
  • Targeted Areas: core, arms, legs, glutes, back
  • Emphasis: flexibility, aerobic, strength